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The banana is a fruit that is widely popular in Thailand, all of people well known in Thai name “Kluai nam wa” (Pisang Awak Banana) because all parts of banana can be used.  And Sun dried banana is one of the product from bananas as well.
In the past, villagers had to preserve the banana for long shelf life that it could be stored by peeling and drying the banana. Bang-kra-tum district in Phitsanulok province, is the source of special banana species named Ma-li-ong, which is sweeter and softer than from other places.
Pearl Royal Sun dried Banana produced from 100% Ma-li-ong banana, dried process with solar radiation in the Parabola Dome, Clean, 100% free from added sugar and preservatives, no additive and artificial substance added. Manufactured by Koh khu Farmer organization, Phitsanulok province.